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Call to C.A.R.E is a community outreach initiative that brings awareness to the areas of personal accountability and positive student involvement. This strategy was established in 2008 and has served students in Butler, Hamilton, Montgomery and Warren counties (OH) for 8 years. C.A.R.E. stands for: College/Career Readiness, Accountability, Respect and Etiquette. At KVO we educate and motivate students to be prepared, accountable, and respectful. It is also our responsibility to strengthen their social confidence and teach them how to handle conflict successfully.

Furthermore, we want to prepare students for higher education and career opportunities. It is not enough to prepare students academically for higher education; KVO also strives to give them the financial resources necessary to make the POSSIBILITY of a college education a REALITY. Program curriculum includes: goal setting, career readiness, financial literacy, team building, study habits, social emotional learning, conflict management, etiquette training, character development and community service.

Call to C.A.R.E

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