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“KVO organized the “Call to C.A.R.E.” program here at Middletown Middle School. They met with a group of our most challenging students on a bi-weekly basis, to discuss how to make better choices and to share their own stories of growing up in Middletown. It is vital for our young people, who may not have the greatest support, to know that people care and that by making positive choice “they” can be successful. I hope that Middletown Middle School can continue the partnership with KVO, because having community members actively engaged with our students is essential for any school and district to be successful.”

Michael Valenti, principal, Middletown Middle School (OH)

Building Girls/Making Women Mentoring Program Building Boys/Making Men Mentoring Program

“KVO has worked with our school since 2008. Their team has provided keynote speakers and small group sessions on conflict management. KVO had also worked closely with our Race to the Top program. Race to the Top was designed to work with at risk students in order to increase engagement and support students with academic, social, and emotional issues. I look forward to working with KVO and the Call to C.A.R.E initiative on developing the character and leadership skills of our students. I fully offer my support of this initiative as both partner and principal of Middletown High School.”

Carmela Cotter, principal, Middletown High School (OH)

Call to C.A.R.E. (community outreach initiative)

KVO made a huge impact within our Children's ministry this past year, not only touching the lives of our children, but the parents, volunteers and community. The program they deliver is amazing and teaches many aspects of life, starting with a spiritual foundation. The delivery comes in a age appropriate way, that allows for children to embrace the learning experience and store the knowledge in their hearts and minds. The staff are truly gifted in what they do; they bring forth excellence and are excited about the opportunities that are before them. Their excitement is contagious! It was almost as if we had a revival within our Children's Ministry. Even months after the program has ended, KVO is still being talked out!

Michael Thompson, Jessica Ball, Sarah Hoover Children's Ministry Team and Dayspring Church


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