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The KVO Elite Skills & Wellness Academy has been created to assist coaches and parents in developing the ideal athlete. Someone who is not only athletic but also informed and represents favorable character. As coaches, we see a need to further develop three particular areas of their incoming athletes: Fundamental Athleticism, Dietary Needs for Athletes and Building Character Through Sport. High school coaches are noticing most athletes are underdeveloped in these crucial areas that are necessary in order to build successful programs. Often times coaches are working with time constraints. This causes them to have to focus mostly on skills specific to their sport, which means other important areas of athlete development go overlooked.

This program is different than anything else in that it exposes and educates young athletes of the mental, physical and social challenges they will face at the next level of involvement in sport. Our program will give them the confidence to face those challenges head-on and to be a leader that our culture desperately needs. Students who are part of this program will know they are a part of something special: something bigger than themselves. The Wellness Academy will work to educate these hand-selected athletes through an intensive, progressive, athlete-tailored curriculum.

KVO Skills & Wellness Academy

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