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Program Mission

We believe in developing skills and the minds of our players.  We are preparing our athletes for the highest level of football.  We are not focused solely on becoming champions on the field.  We are training our athletes to become champions for life.  


  • Our youth football program is aimed at giving the youth (ages 5-12) within our tri-state region an opportunity to participate and compete in our non & full-contact Football programs.

  • We are working to help our youth build character, sportsmanship, self-confidence, responsibility and teamwork in a competitive environment while gaining a strong sense of community which KVO strongly believes in. 

  • KVO puts safety and health first when providing an event for the youth to compete and showcase their talents.


  • Although our focus is youth football athletes, KVO does provide high level, high intensity football training that focuses on core strength, speed, agility and conditioning for High School & College athletes.

  • We strive to provide pathways for all participants to develop individual skills and self-confidence while building great friendships and having fun in their COMMUNITIES.



Sponsor an event today!

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Post company banner or name at events

  • Logo will be placed on sponsorship section of flyer

  • 1 free adult admission will be given

  • $5 off child's registration  (if applicable)

  • PA mention at events every half hour

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